This app demonstrates *On-Demand ISR support* in Next.js (view source).

How does this work?

When issues on the `on-demand-isr` repo change (get created, commented on, deleted, etc), GitHub fires off a webhook and the impacted pages get re-rendered and pushed to the edge, on demand. The webhook on the Next.js app side executes a new `revalidatePath()` API call.

Didn't this exist already?

Unlike `revalidate` with a time interval, a Serverless Function is invoked _only when content changes_, making it faster for the user (they see changes immediately), and more cost-efficient for owners.

_💡 Try creating a new issue or commenting, and refresh this page to see the regenerated one!_
Pages take about *300ms~* to fully propagate to the global Vercel Edge Network after the regeneration completes.

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